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Haute couture Wonderland


Everyone of us has grown up with fairy tales, told as bedtime stories and romantic films on TV, that’s why most women keep on dreaming about being a princess and hoping for the prince to arrive some day. Unfortunately, this never happens – as we now know that we are grown, but small kids still […]

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Art in Fashion


Dear Dressupperz, fashion is an art which is always connected to creative people in artful surroundings and this is not new. Lately though, art turns into fashion or rather fashion uses masterpieces of art as an inspiration. The latest work by Karl Lagerfeld is such a worth mentioning example- not only because he has photographed […]

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Rainbow coloured world


Recently, we have heard a lot about the pursuit of equality and the flag of peace and freedom has returned as a symbol of tolerance towards different sexual orientation. We are still far away from having the same rights for everyone. Many minor groups still feel the need for fighting for more respect in our […]

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The future of fashion

future of fashion

Will the future of fashion reflect a rather absurd image we have in our minds– like space travel suits from ‘Star Trek’ or ‘walking trousers’ – or is it going to be something not that different from what we are already wearing, just more intelligent? If we take a look at the past we can […]

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Who the fu** is Karl? – The Karl hype


Karl Lagerfeld, also called ”emperor of fashion”, known for his cynicism and his eccentricity, is characterized by his particular look: his white-powdered ponytail, big, black sunglasses, a fan in hands till the 2000s. Dressed almost all the time entirely black and white, with special accessories like the leather gloves without fingers and the necklace with […]