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09 Ott

Around the world

Jeans are a girl’s best friend


Back to the future? The typical feature of a trend is that it comes up again and again over the years. The fact, that denim-cuts of four different decades are en vogue this season is something special though. Many brands celebrate this with heritage-collections and revitalze classical cuts of bygone eras. Levi’s for example, has rejuvinated the […]

02 Ott

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Clown Countouring

clown countouring

Look at this picture: No, it’s not a joke! When I first watched Bella de Lune’s video on YouTube I could hardly believe it and asked myself if this would still come to a good end. Covering imperfections with light and dark shades is not so new, but the latest trend of the so-called clown […]

25 Set

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Sugar Candy Bags


Who the fu** is walking around with milk cans, bananas or construction site signs? We are! The new fun bags are everything but not boring. Usually it is recommendable to invest in a classic, timeless bag. Something of good quality, that matches all your clothes and can be carried around for years. Now this recommendation […]

04 Set

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Say it with a Tee


Dear Dressupperz, I hope you had a relaxing vacation and the back-to-work depression won’t last too long. Today I want to talk about the trend of sending out messages. In an era made up of social networks we are used to send out messages all the time, even about the smallest and most unimportant things. […]

07 Ago

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Beat the heat gadgets


Just as last week’s cartoon by Atomic Comic demonstrates: we are never satisfied as far as the weather is concerned – either it is too hot or too cold, too rainy, windy, humid, misty or whatsoever…it’s very improbable that the weather can make it right for us. Anyways, after this summer’s long-lasting heat wave, we […]