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16 Nov

Around the world

Karl goes around the world

karl around the world

Thank you so much Karl! Although this is mere coincidence, I am proud to present Karl’s new collection which was given the same name as to my column Around the World. So I suppose there must be some kind of connection between us… Anyways, in November Karl launched his first online shop, available in 97 countries and […]

09 Nov

Around the world

The new beautiful is ugly

around the world

There are people who dress with the purpose to be attractive to others, women want to appeal to men, men to women, men to men or women to women…Are there any other combinations I have left out? I want to be politically correct, if this is not a mission impossible 😉 I have never been […]

31 Ott

Around the world

Hello, Hallowed Eve!


We cannot ignore it, the trend of Halloween has got us. Shop windows are stuffed with items for decorating and celebrating the festivity at home. But are you really ready for Halloween? Why not dress freaky this weekend? Celebrating the night of the 31st October is an American tradition, known as ‘trick or treat’ among […]

23 Ott

Around the world

Welcome buzzcut!


Too busy for doing your hair? What about buzzcut? Extremly short hair cuts conquer the runways. Max Mara’s show in Milan was opened by Ruth Bell courageously introducing the new trend on the runway and giving her career a real drive. Buzzcuts are nothing new in the world of fashion, especially models of colour like […]

16 Ott

Around the world

Not a bit out of fashion


Is your wardrobe having deja vu? Is it all a matter of time? With fashion’s ever-revolving door, trends we thought were dead and buried in the back of our closets are having a revival. Let’s have a look at the fads you never thought you’d like to wear again—and how to revive them if you […]