23 Nov

Around the world

It seems we are back in the Seventies!


It takes two!

If you belong to those people who are always indecided about which colours to wear or which materials to combine, there is good news: more colours and materials united in one piece.

INSPIRATION Lady Esquire Instant Shoe Colouring AD 1974… Valentino FW 2015--16 pre-collection

Firstly, the mixture of sleek leather and suede, which can be found escpecially in half-calf boots, but also in ‘mix’-bags. The combination of different colours enables you to combine them with all kinds of outfits, so it’s way easier to get ready in the mornings, without searching that one colour that matches the rest of your outfit.

The same is true for the boots: famous designers like Fendi and Boss walk the multi-coloured way and courageously team different colours you wouldn’t normally think of wearing together. Take a look at these pictures and you will feel as if you were time-travelling back to the seventies…



Street-style girls are showing us the latest trends, like for example the Chloé Faye-bag which is a real eye-catcher, adding a modern touch to any kind of outfit. Available in many different colours, patterns and materials you have endless ways to style it. When it comes to rainbow colours – here comes my favourite:


Maybe, now that the winter season has finally arrived, we should take the chance and add more colours to our lives, thereby forgetting about the annoying shades of grey that will surround us for the next months.
Be courageous and colour your life!