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Pullover time!


Finally, wintery temperatures have reached us and the so hard-longed-for frost is reigning our selection of garments.

Especially now, you can find millions of new creations of an item that has a long tradition – the pullover: warm, practical and suitable for (nearly) every occasion.

When it’s cold outside we are in the mood for wintery symbols and designs. We can choose from classical ones like Rudolph, Santa Clause and other Christmas decorations to more individual ones like snowman, snowflakes, animal prints and funny slogans.

But can you wear them just around Christmas time?


It’s hip to dress up with funny, some would say ugly knitwear during the Christmas season, of course not taking it too serious. In many countries for young, fashionable people it has become a trend to dress up with pullovers depicting Christmas symbols. For some of us, it seems to be a competition to find new, eye-catching designs every year.

Depending on what design exactly you choose, these pieces can still be worn after Christmas, as long as it is cold outside…

Here are one example that you could wear throughout the whole winter season:


Whatever you choose to wear when it’s icy outside, keep in mind: