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It’s Christmas time and just as every year, millions of lights are shining to warm up our hearts. In cities around the world we find highstreets illuminated and decorated to make us feel cosier in the cold winter season. The smell in the air reminds us of the old traditon, celebrating the festivity with your family beneath the Christmas tree. Candles, presents and sparkling children’s eyes as well as the joy of being together with your loved ones make it a special day year after year.

It has been a trend for years now that even the clothes that are in the shops now make you brighten up your surroundings. So why not sparkle even this year? Let’s have a look at some of the most-requested it-pieces.


Silver and gold


The first big decision you have to take is: Do you go for silver or gold? Alternatively, you could choose black sequin or patent leather accessoiries.

You might have recognized that fake fur is increasingly popular among young fashionistas right now, Louis Vuitton combines glitter, gold and silver fake fur in one of his trendiest bags, the Petite Malle bag.




I am still in love with the rose, nude version of glitter and glamour, it looks so elegant, femminine and harmonious, especially on a fine tan as you can see on Jlo, wearing it at the Oscar’s.



Admittedly, it’s not somehing you can wear very often, but still being a star for one night, escaping the rough world we have to face every single day, might fulfill a deep desire of many women. So let’s be romantic togay!

This dress finally makes your childhood dreams of being a princess come true!

Here are some less expensive versions for smaller budgets:




Many of us want to shine like a star at least for this special occasion. So try it and throw yourslef into something special for Christmas!

Have fun and shine like a diamond!