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Fur or faux fur: a furry decision!


Nowadays, we wouldn’t buy a pink fur coat just because it’s trendy for a season. Animal protection and anti-fur campaigns have risen awarness among all of us and definitely have left a trace, appart from the fact that they are still campaigning.

Due to that and thanks to the movement of sustainabilty and fairness, different trends concerning fur have appeared – faux fur and the upcycling of old fur. By now, faux fur has become a fashion piece without the need of comparing it to real fur. Real fur, on the other hand, is often upcycled and new garments are created.

The demand of bringing new life to old, often inherrited furry garments makes peltmongers work hard on finding new techniques for the creation of something new. Their traditional craft combined with modernism is still a secret but an upcoming trend, especially for people who want to upcycle their old, real furs.

Undoubtedly, this is a continuing debate: fur or faux fur???

Brigitte Bardot, former model and animal protection activist, stated that,’Fur is still popular in the fashion world because of “pride, stupidity, or just plain ignorance,” despite a dip of fur-wearing in the 1990s. Bardot also wrote an open letter to Lagerfeld’s much -loved cat Choupette to highlight the hypocrisy of loving a companion animal while endorsing the slaughter of animals for their fur. “


 We could see Karl’s significant claim, ‘I’m very much down to earth, just not on this earth.’as an answer to all this hullabaloo. In his current all-fur collection for Fendi, he uses merely mink, chinchilla and sable for shimmering jumpsuits of silver and gold. This collection also celebrates Lagerfeld’s 50th year at Fendi, the longest relationship any fashion house has shared with a designer. The colour palette was dark, and the collection spanned beyond the realms of luxury, reminding us of Game of Thrones.

 So admittedly, you can never be sure about the way people will look at you when you are wearing your fur(-coat).There are countries and regions where it is considered rather normal, probably depending on the people living there. Otherwise it could even be dangerous. In some big cities going out with a real fur means risking being attacked either by words or even action. So, I am not really sure if it is worth it!

On the other hand, living per se has become dangerous and you cannot always satisfy other peoples’s wishes. So, my advice just do and WEAR whatever you feel like!