Use of Dresscoins and Coupons

Terms and conditions of use of Dresscoins and Coupons               

DressCoin and Coupon         
Dressupper users can earn points (“DressCoins”) that can be redeemed for coupons to be used for the purchase of products on Dresscoins can be accumulated by performing specific actions on the The Dressupper’s website, which are listed in the table that can be found here.
Dressupper users can decide to convert all or part of Dresscoins earned into coupons (“Coupons”). Each Dresscoin has a value equivalent to a 0.05€ Coupon.
The number of Dresscoins converted will be deducted from the accumulated Dresscoins balance of the user. In order to convert Dresscoins into Coupon, users must send an e-mail to and ask to receive a Coupon equivalent to the value of the Dresscoins to be converted.
Coupons are alphanumeric codes to use when paying for a purchase of products on the The Dressupper’s website, entitling to the discount associated with the code itself.

Each Coupon can be used only once and expires within one month from the date indicated on the Coupon itself.
The Coupon can be used only for orders whose value is at least twice the value of the Coupon used and including at least 3 products. Only one coupon for every order placed can be used.
The difference between the value of the Coupon used and the value of the order will be paid using another payment method among those accepted on the The Dressupper’s website.
No additional fees will be charged when using a Coupon.
Dresscoins and Coupons cannot be resold or converted into cash.
Dresscoins cannot be transferred to other users, while Coupons can be used by any user.

Risk of loss             
The risk of loss and ownership of a Coupon are transferred to the purchaser upon electronic transmission of the Coupon itself to the purchaser or designated recipient. The Dressupper disclaims any liability in case of loss, theft, destruction or unauthorized use of Coupons.

Fraud and misuse                  
In the event that Dresscoins or Coupons are generated or obtained improperly or fraudulently, The Dressupper reserves the right to terminate the accounts of the users involved and charge on alternative payment methods the amount of orders placed using Dresscoins or Coupons generated or obtained improperly or fraudulently, and to claim compensation for any further damages.
Misuse of Dresscoins or Coupons will be assessed at The Dressupper’s sole discretion.
Misuse include, but is not limited to:
– Use the COPY OUTFIT feature and copy the outfit created without changing at least one product, only to grow your number of outfits;
– Falsifying\hacking in any way your account (for example, hacking the site and growing improperly their number of followers);
– Hacking the website\app.

Limitation of Liability           
We disclaim any warranties, express or implied, as to Coupons, including without limitation express or implied warranties of merchantability or suitability for a specific purpose. In case of failure when using a Coupon, you can only ask and we will be solely responsible for the replacement of that Coupon. If the applicable law does not allow limitations to warranties or the exclusion or limitation of liability in relation to certain damages, some or all of the above limitations or exclusions may not apply and you may have additional rights.

General provisions                
The Dressupper’s general terms and conditions of use and sale apply. When you purchase, receive or use a Coupon, you agree that these Terms and conditions of use of Dresscoins and Coupons are governed by Italian law. We reserve the right to change these terms from time to time at our discretion. These Terms and conditions are applicable in accordance with the law.

For any additional information about Dresscoins and Coupons, please send an e-mail to