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01 Feb

Around the world

Fashion in Advertising  


Why is fashion becoming more important in the world of advertising, even though the products themsleves have nothing to do with fashion? The world we live in emphasizes the optical stimuli. We are most of the times guided by what we see – in the newpaper, on TV, on the internet, on billboards…. Thousands of […]

11 Gen

Around the world

Pullover time!


Finally, wintery temperatures have reached us and the so hard-longed-for frost is reigning our selection of garments. Especially now, you can find millions of new creations of an item that has a long tradition – the pullover: warm, practical and suitable for (nearly) every occasion. When it’s cold outside we are in the mood for […]

14 Dic

Around the world

Fur or faux fur: a furry decision!


Nowadays, we wouldn’t buy a pink fur coat just because it’s trendy for a season. Animal protection and anti-fur campaigns have risen awarness among all of us and definitely have left a trace, appart from the fact that they are still campaigning. Due to that and thanks to the movement of sustainabilty and fairness, different trends […]

07 Dic

Around the world

Glitter Glamour Wonderworld


It’s Christmas time and just as every year, millions of lights are shining to warm up our hearts. In cities around the world we find highstreets illuminated and decorated to make us feel cosier in the cold winter season. The smell in the air reminds us of the old traditon, celebrating the festivity with your […]

23 Nov

Around the world

It seems we are back in the Seventies!


It takes two! If you belong to those people who are always indecided about which colours to wear or which materials to combine, there is good news: more colours and materials united in one piece. Firstly, the mixture of sleek leather and suede, which can be found escpecially in half-calf boots, but also in ‘mix’-bags. […]