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Haute couture Wonderland


Everyone of us has grown up with fairy tales, told as bedtime stories and romantic films on TV, that’s why most women keep on dreaming about being a princess and hoping for the prince to arrive some day. Unfortunately, this never happens – as we now know that we are grown, but small kids still grow up with these clichés and therefore false hopes which are transferred mainly by the media.

So the picture of women being a princess and men the prince to save them, is not going to change as long as we are drumming these stories into their heads. I actually love the scene where Carrie (Sex and the City) reads a fairy tale to her friend’s daughter and at the end of it she says to her: ‘But you know darling, in real life it is not like this.’

High fashion is per se a world of exaggeration, apart from the fact that it is only meant for a small part of the population – the superrich. This year’s haute couture shows in Paris fly even higher. The clothes created for fall/winter 15/16 by Dolce e Gabbana, Gaultier, Maison Margiela and Viktor and Rolf seem to be taken accordingly from the above mentioned fairy tales.

Dolce and Gabbana, for example, designed a very modern, contemporary princess, wearing a cape and headphones. Main color rose covered with roses and the golden wording: ti voglio bene. Bellissimo!!!


Jean Paul Gaultier presented a dreamful fall/winter collection with an amazing creation made of fur and tulle, resembling a dark witch in a fairy tale…Get an impression here:


Elie Saab created a robe which could be seen as a hilariously luxurious wedding gown, more than fairy tale- like.


Not amazingly , it would be hard to wear these garments in our everyday lives but still they give us the power to dream on about being a princess one day. Of course, only if you marry a very, very wealthy man before.